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Mother Nature's Medicine

"Look deep into nature,

you will understand

everything better."

-Albert Einstein-

Tree Lotion CBD products combine the proven health benefits of essential oils with the magic of CBD!

Wellness for Mind and Body!

We have created unique proprietary blends using the most powerful and effective organic

essential oils in the world combined with pure hemp derived CBD, tested and free of pesticides.

Tree Lotion Signature Products

CBD Recovery Products

CBD Body Creams

CBD Therapy Sticks

Soothe, Serenity, Relax,

Calm, Vitality & Breathe

Vitalize Me, Soothe Me,

Relax Me & Calm Me

Recovery Xtreme Sports Cream

& Recover Me Therapy Stick

Try one of our 6 signature CBD Body Creams made with a special blend of therapeutic grade essential oils to get

the relief you need!

Our 4 Therapy Sticks are multipurpose balms for relief from chapped lips, cuts & scrapes, headache or cramp, mild pain & bug bites.

Our CBD Recovery Sports Cream and

Recover Me Therapy Sticks soothe and relieve muscle soreness related  to


All Natural • Non-GMO • Pure Hemp Derived CBD • No Prescription Required

Our Latest CBD Products

Solace CBD

Leave In


Our Solace CBD Conditioner adds moisture to your hair without weighing it down leaving it

smooth & shiny!

Walnut CBD Infused

Foot Scrub

Use our Walnut CBD Foot Scrub on your feet for baby soft skin! Its anti-fungal properties will help improve the texture & appearance of your feet in no time! 

Lavender Rosebud

CBD Bath Salts

Try our Lavender Rosebud Bath Salts to soothe sore muscles, take a relaxing soak or a calming foot bath.

"I can't say enough about this cream. I picked up a jar for back pain and it works so well!"

— Trinity Eseke, CA —


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